List of services


TREND @ Mobile is a cheap SIM operated by our company, and we handle a wide range of items from new and used items such as iPhone and android. We offer services that other companies do not have, such as the 50GB plan, which is not offered by major MVNOs. In addition, there is also an original warranty service that responds to screen breaks and submersion.

【Store application development】

UPLINK is a store app creation service provided by USEN. You can freely combine the functions required for sales promotion, which will help you to acquire repeat customers and reduce costs. In addition to creating high-quality apps with low cost and quick delivery, a support desk concierge continuously supports store operations.         

【System development】

We have developed a multi-use system, such as a list of workers used by construction companies, and a dedicated support desk will perform maintenance after delivery, so you can use it with confidence.


It is a sharing tool that can be customized according to your needs. We respond to various needs such as cooperation with other companies' systems and addition of unique functions.

【HR consulting】

One of the objectives of the personnel evaluation system and wage management is to optimize wages paid to employees. However, instead of operating for that purpose alone, it is necessary to regard it as a management tool that embodies the company's philosophy, vision, and strategy. The personnel system mainly consists of three systems: a grade system, an evaluation system, and a wage system. Furthermore, the "HR system" in a broader sense may include rules for job rotation and reassignment and various benefits programs, and must be consistent with human resource development and recruitment strategies. From these broad themes, we will consider what and where to review based on the situation and issues of each company.

【Network construction】

Telecommunications work that requires `` specialized technicians '' such as network construction around communication equipment and installation work of distribution boards, lighting equipment, wiring equipment, installation of in-house network, replacement of LED equipment and replacement of air conditioners are summarized Please leave it to us!