About the new coronavirus

TREND Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture; CEO: Rika Suzuki), considering the possibility that the new coronavirus will spread further in Japan, based on the response policy of TREND Co., Ltd. The following measures are taken from the perspective of preventing infection damage and ensuring the safety of employees (hereinafter referred to as "workers") working at each of our sites (Fukushima Head Office and Sendai Branch).

1. Handling of employment

・Use of telecommuting is implemented. (To prevent infection, avoid congestion when commuting, and take measures to close schools, etc.)

・ Staggered work to avoid congestion.

・ Recommended for meetings inside and outside the company by remote meetings via telephone or WEB meeting system.

・ Training, seminars and events hosted by the Company will be canceled or postponed.

Regarding urgent business trips in Japan, refrain from doing so.

・ Overseas business trips are prohibited or postponed in principle.

2.Business trip handling

3.Affected workers and family

・ If the employee becomes ill, stop working.

・ If a worker in the same business establishment arrests, at least one week of telecommuting will be implemented for all employees in principle.

・ Workers who have been found to be affected by their family members will work at home for two weeks.

・ If an affected person occurs in a tenant other than the occupied building, individual judgment will be made based on the communication and instructions from the building management company.

The Company will continue to implement additional necessary measures, taking into consideration the policies of the government and local governments, with the highest priority given to the prevention of internal and external infection damage and the safety of employees and business partners. You. We sincerely ask for your understanding.

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